Our story

Smart Investments, founded in 2008, is a consulting company based in the United Arab Emirates. Smart Investments has specialized in international trade especially in importing to the Middle Eastern markets.

Smart Investments has a strong network based in the Middle East. Our network distributes many types of goods and services. Smart Investments is an excellent partner when considering to localize your business.

There is huge potential in the Middle Eastern markets and because of this potential every international company should consider this area in their strategy. Read more

What we do

Our mission is to partner with companies who are willing to gain new growth. Our passion is to help our partners to succeed. Our partners eagerly aim for new markets and they are passionate about their vision. Our mission is to make your vision come true.

We want to create a personal, reliable and long-term partnership. The purpose of this partnership is to help you to succeed with market entry and increase your revenue.

We will operate as your agent in the region and with us you minimize local risks. Read more

Our vision

Our vision is to be the most successful global trading company. To reach this vision, our mission is to create many success stories with our partners. Our ambition is to change the world and we accomplish that by partnering with companies that are the game changers of tomorrow. Read more

Smart Investments

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