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What we do

Our passion is to help our partners to succeed. We partner with companies that are eagerly aiming for new markets and passionate about their vision. Our mission is to make your vision come true. We globalize companies of any size. When you want to scale and globalize your business, our international networks and specialists with years of experience are here to provide outstanding results.

There are many ways to acquire new markets and we can help you with your chosen strategy. Our services are tailored for your needs. We have experience with strategies such as acquisitions or franchising.  We specialize in localizing companies to the Middle East market. With our expertise and local contacts, you are able to sell your products faster and gain market recognition when your competitors are still waiting to reach the market.

We are regularly in touch and co-operate with our partners to make sure our actions and goals are up to date. We believe that constant communication and mutual understanding are key factors for beneficial co-operation and successful business. We want to create a personal, reliable and long-term partnership. The purpose of this partnership is to localize your business and increase your revenue.

You can choose a selection of the services you wish to obtain. We have all the varieties of services you need when localizing your business to the Middle East and surrounding region.

Why choose us?

  • We have knowledge, competence and experience of local corporate culture.
  • We provide cost-efficient way to reach the Middle East market.
  • Our competitive advantage is well established network around sales.
  • Our network continuously introduces new products to the local markets.
  • Our network can provide everything needed for localizing your business with a reasonable cost.
  • We provide language translations and legal documents as needed with a reasonable cost.
  • We know the local requirements and product information required.
  • Introducing the product to the market.
  • We’ll operate as your agent.
  • Our network reaches millions of consumers from the Middle East.
  • With us, you minimize the local risks (political, economic, social, legal, human resource).
  • We have a strong knowledge of legal system and local laws.
  • We provide comprehensive service.
  • We provide retailing.
  • We provide warehousing.
  • We provide full logistics as agreed.
  • With us you can increase awareness of your brand with a reasonable cost.
  • You can acquire new customers with reasonable customer acquisition costs.