What is new in the Finnish technology industry?



The Finnish gaming scene has exploded in the past few years. Companies such as Rovio and Supercell have completely taken the mobile app gaming sector by storm. Backed by the government, investment into the sector is pouring in. Even new and existing degree programs centered around game development have emerged to support the expanding mobile gaming sector. Cooperation and a willingness to try something different are key aspect which allows the companies to thrive in a highly dynamic and competitive sector. Currently, Finnish companies are in the spotlight for their innovative approach to managing their businesses from the top-down while creating some of the highest grossing mobile games ever.


Technical knowhow and reliance on technological innovation are key factors for Finland’s success. Finns have a good ‘can do’- attitude in addition to extensive technical skills and knowledge, which are augmented by Finland’s excellent educational system.


When considering the implications of climate change and the responsibility of businesses to address it, a Finnish company Lifa Air, started a joint-venture with a Chinese company to tackle China’s pollution issues. Lifa Air’s innovative indoor air purification system produces clean air in a cost-effective manner and is perfectly poised to tackle the Chinese market. The system can be monitored and controlled via a mobile app. Indeed, the demand for these types of technological innovations is expected to give a boost to Finland’s economy in the near future due to increase in global demand.


Finns are also known for developing popular and top-grossing applications. A few Finnish companies have taken upon themselves to create applications that minimize food waste. The idea is that users of the application can purchase low cost leftover meals from restaurants that would otherwise go directly to the bin. This cuts down on food and garbage waste, brings the restaurants more revenue, and is cheaper for the customer. Companies like Lunchie and ResQ have developed such applications and are now planning on extending their businesses abroad.


The next big thing from Finland might be printed smart technology. This would mean printing different electronic components and eventually molding the sheets into usable electronic components. When it comes to the printed high-tech sector, Finns have pioneering information. This kind of innovation could be the next turning point for Finnish technology industry and it could see a huge demand globally.


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