Terms of Service

Terms of Service


Phone calls

Any phone calls with Smart Investments limited can be recorded.


Emails sent to this website go through an open network, which in result means that Smart Investments Limited can’t guarantee the confidentiality of emails sent to addresses mentioned on this website. Sending confidential information such as personal data by e-mail should be avoided. Smart Investments Limited is not liable for damages caused by emails sent to open networks.

Page contents

Smart Investments Limited reserves the right to change the content of the internet pages at any given time or to stop publishing them without a warning.

Contents of this website are created only for information purposes, unless otherwise has been explicitly been stated. Smart Investments Limited does not guarantee the correctness or validity of the information presented on the website and is not responsible if the information has been altered by an outside source.


Smart Investments Limited has copyright and intellectual property rights to the logo, text and all other contents of this page, excluding pictures, unless stated otherwise.


Collection and use of personal information

We collect personal information from users only if they choose to provide it, for example by using the contact boxes in our website. We might use the obtained information to offer a service or job based on the information we have received.