The Finnish dilemma

Finnish companies have made numerous high-quality products, some of which have made excellent success abroad: Nokia, Kone and Rovio to name a few. We strongly believe that Finnish companies have some amazing concepts and products that could do well abroad which have proven their worth in the Finnish market.

We believe Finnish people have potential in selling. There are so many great products and services on the market right now. These companies are waiting for their international breakthrough and looking for a chance to expand to foreign markets. Expanding to a foreign country without contacts can be very difficult, and without the knowledge of local laws, customs and the local culture, the chance of failure is high.


According to Tulli, Finnish customs, Finnish exports in January 2016 went down 10% compared to January 2015. The Finnish economy has traditionally relied on exports, and Finland has struggled to fill the GDP decrease created by their quick decrease.

Even in the midst of these news, some companies have still managed to succeed and increase their sales. Usually these companies have a presence abroad. We want to globalize more products and increase their presence worldwide, and strengthen Finland’s country brand. Together, we can do it.

Here’s hoping for a great rest of the year.

Smart Investments Team


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